Our artists work with you to incorporate corporate logos, event symbols, and personal monograms 

Each trophy buckle is a work of art in its own right. The customer plays an active role in the design process, choosing the images and type styles and selecting the materials with which the buckle is made.

Craftsmen cut selected metals into various shapes and designs. The intricate pieces are carefully positioned and soldered into place. The buckle is then hand-polished in preparation for the critical stage of engraving. Meticulously the artist inscribes each detailed line of the original draft. Upon completion, the buckle is again hand-polished to achieve a lustrous brilliance.

We know that quality products are not enough. Our commitment to service and the satisfaction of new and existing customers not only includes the highest quality product for the most competitive price, but also listening to the needs of our customers. Our staff pays close attention to every detail to assure that your goals are our goals. Twenty years of customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Over the past 20 years, Skyline has evolved from a 3-person shop to its present large production facility. Our growth has allowed us to successfully meet your demands, whether you need a single one-of-a-kind item, or a corporate volume order.


Your custom buckle will be a truly unique piece of fine jewelry, and we work closely with you to achieve this result…

We can create a buckle design custom made from your specifications. Initials, monograms, names, brands, or business logos can be incorporated into the design, and you can choose from your own style or a combination of traditional styled overlays.

One way to enhance your design, and to emphasize contrasting depth and dimension, is to use a gold or silver scroll overlay. Once you have determined the central theme and design of your buckle, the scroll work is engraved in high relief using overlay material of yellow, rose and/or green 10K or 14K gold, or Sterling silver. We also offer 10K rose or yellow gold filled, for overlayed scrolls. This is truly the fanciest engraving, and the result is one of the most handsome buckles available.

You may also choose a filagree engraved buckle where the background is removed to create a sharp 3-dimensional effect. Scenic backgrounds can also be hand-engraved around figures and overlays.

Your custom buckle will be a truly unique piece of fine jewelry, and we work closely with you to achieve this result, so please be as specific as possible in your instructions. Give us your ideas in detail, including drawings, pictures, lettering, etc. so that we may get a clear idea of what you have in mind. Prices will be supplied on request.

Choose from various shapes…
There are many shapes and styles of belt buckles to choose from.

Make a Sketch… It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it needs to show us what you want the buckle to look like. Include a written description of the items and any special instructions about the materials to use for each item in the design.


For 200 years metal craftsmen have known the art of mechanically bonding gold and silver 

to a reinforcing metal to produce Gold-filled and Silver-filled material

Gold and Silver
Gold and Silver have been precious commodities of exchange since before recorded history. Besides the scarcity of gold, and its intrinsic beauty, one reason for the high demand is its malleable character, allowing skilled craftsmen to stretch and form it into the myriad shapes of fine jewelry.

When mined, gold is soft, and some people say unattractive in color. For commercial use it is alloyed, which means other metals are added to provide strength and color variety. This is called Karat Gold. Karat golds of various colors and shades can be obtained by combining other metals with fine gold.

A pre-dominant amount of nickel in the alloy is used to produce white gold, while copper gives red, and silver results in green. Various percentages of other metals such as zinc, palladium, cobalt, etc., also affect the color and physical characteristics of the Karat gold.

Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% fine silver, with a balance of copper added to increase its malleability and to tone down the brilliance of fine silver.

Twenty-four Karat gold is 99.9% pure; 12 Karat gold is almost 50% pure gold. Karat gold and Sterling are measured in troy ounces, which are approximately 10% heavier than the standard (Avoirdupois) ounces in common use. Troy ounces are broken down into (20) pennyweights and pennyweights into (24) grains. This standard of measurement is used for all precious metals.

For 200 years metal craftsmen have known the art of mechanically bonding gold and silver to a reinforcing metal (such as bronze or nickel silver) producing Gold-filled and Silver-filled material. This filled material provides many of the desirable features of solid Karat Gold and Sterling. The beauty of the precious metal is retained in the outer layer and the layer of reinforcing metals makes the product both economical and durable.

We offer filled or solid materials in our Custom and Trophy Belt Buckles, allowing you to have our fine workmanship in a price range to fit your budget. The materials most commonly used are 10 Karat gold filled (10K gold over jewelers bronze) and Sterling filled (“Sterling Filled,” our trade name for Sterling silver over nickel silver). An alternative to Gold Filled is Jewelers bronze, which polishes to a luster comparable to yellow gold. This material itself has a distinguished history in the jewelry industry.


All prices are based on the current gold and silver markets and are subject to change without notice. Please telephone for up-to-date quotes. All prices are F.O.B. factory. All orders require a 50% deposit when the order is placed. The balance is due at the time of shipping. Special payment plans may be considered for association orders. Please contact us to discuss payment/billing options.


Please allow 6 to 8 weeks delivery from the confirmation date. Your order is confirmed upon receipt of the advance payment and a signed purchase order, which must include all the ordering information. You will then receive an acknowledgement stating the exact price and the projected delivery date. You must confirm all telephone orders in writing before we begin work on your order. We make every effort to ship order within the specified period. However, all orders are subject to availability of supplies. Comparable design alterations or substitutions will be made if necessary. A 10% surcharge will be added to all “Rush” orders (delivery under 4 weeks).


All merchandise is guaranteed against any defects in materials or in workmanship. We will replace or repair, without charge, any products which prove to be defective. However, if the product has been abused or used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, the minimum repair charge is $35.00.

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Due to the custom, hand crafted nature of our product lines, it is not possible to show everything we can do. 

Contact us for more information, help with design ideas, and custom/volume price quotes. We have experienced designers on staff who love to help you design ONE OF A KIND awards for your event!


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